[Marxism] Re Yushenko poisoning as a fraud?

ilyenkova at netzero.net ilyenkova at netzero.net
Thu Dec 16 12:27:06 MST 2004

Junaid writes:

>Which is correct, but nonetheless, Zimpfer is Dr. of medicine and  
professor, his speciality being anasthesia. BTW, he has also the title of MBA. He is also head of the Vienna university clinic for anastesia  
and general medicine, and head of one of that's departments. I found  
this information on the web site of Rudolfinerhaus.<

Zimpfer's credentials are virtually meritless. As a former medical Radiology educator I'd say that an anesthesiologist-- an M.D. who regulates cardiopulmonary and blood gas functions during surgery-- would be one of the least qualified to diagnose a poisoning case (particularly one with an M.B.A. and an administrative interest in the facility). A medical pathologist, or an internist with a certificate in toxicology would pass muster. I don't know the credentials of the M.D. who resigned after expressing skepticism, but presumably he'd be better positioned to make a call than this Zimpfer character. As Junaid implies, M.D. doesn't equal M.D. This case is starting to smell a bit. Not that Yushenko couldn't have been poisoned.

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