[Marxism] "Factor intensity" question [was State, capitalism...]

Julio Huato juliohuato at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 16 13:49:44 MST 2004

I stated that factor intensity is measured as a ratio.  If the capital-labor 
ratio is comparatively high, one says it's "capital-intensive."  And vice 
versa.  That's all I wrote.

>From this, which I meant as a correction to what -- most likely -- was a 
typo by Louis Proyect in his otherwise informative piece, Matías Scaglione 
presumes that I (but not Louis, who introduced the term) conflate the 
material process of production with its social form, adhere to some version 
of "marginalism," push false consciousness on the list, etc.  How come?

I don't know.  Why is it correct to say that, on K/L, K is large relative to 
L *and* at the same time L is large relative to K while it is an ideological 
sin to say that this is a logical contradiction?  Why my correction implies 
that capital is eternal and ahistorical, but Louis' use doesn't?  Just 
because I didn't transcribe the three volumes of Capital in my posting?  
Well, neither did Louis...

I feel discriminated against.


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