[Marxism] An incredible story

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Thu Dec 16 17:53:45 MST 2004

I could never have imagined that it would come to this. The insurgents  
have roadblocks! In the past I have noted that the number of U.S.  
troops, who don't know the language, are foreigners, and don't have the  
skills of an ordinary policeman, and numerically were only 1.5 times  
the number of police that are employed for New York City, were confined  
to the Green Zone while the insurgents were free to organize. But I was  
startled to read that the insurgents are setting up their own  

Gulliver is pinned down.


In Ramadi, west of Baghdad, militants told journalists they shot and  
killed an Italian citizen after he tried to break through a guerrilla  
roadblock on a highway, purportedly killing one gunman in the process.

An Italian passport and Lebanese residency permit the gunmen displayed  
identified the man as Salvatore Santoro. A document from the Italian  
Embassy in Beirut seeking an Iraqi visa for the man called him an aid  
worker helping Iraqi children.

The journalists provided text, photos and video to The Associated Press  
showing militants standing next to a banner identifying them as members  
of the Islamic Movement of Iraqi Mujahedeen. One told the journalists  
the slaying was "a present to Berlusconi's stupidity" -- referring to  
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a close U.S. ally who sent  
troops to Iraq. Berlusconi said he was waiting for news on reports an  
Italian had been killed.

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