[Marxism] RE: Islamic Translations

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 17 06:50:04 MST 2004


Thanks for the reply, Domhnall. I recommend Karen Armstrong's book *A 
History of God* for further sociohistorical analysis of the roots of 
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There are plenty of passages in all of 
those religions and their primary texts that are logically incompatible. 
Those guarenteeing the torture of infidels for all eternity are not, 
however, amongst them.


The Koran...is not consistent throughout positions are developed e.g. in
one place it will say to not get drunk, then again to drink in
moderation, then to not drink at all. Most muslims believe that the
later passages are those taking precedence. They believe that the
variations are related to temporal considerations e.g. the difficulties
in getting people not to drink alcohol immediately. Of course, that
leaves some room for questions.

However, the arguments you refer to over texts mostly arise over
'hadith' which are sayings of Mohammed. Many clarify things and are
often contradictory. There are a huge variety of sources of 'hadith' and
just where you end is a point of some interest.

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