[Marxism] Chuck D keynotes "State of the Black Youth" convention

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Fri Dec 17 09:12:05 MST 2004

Chuck D keynotes "State of the Black Youth" convention 


Chuck D
Chuck D	

By Diane Bukowski
The Michigan Citizen

DETROIT - Chuck D of the seminal rap group Public Enemy blasted the U.S.
entertainment industry for perverting hip-hop music and culture during his
keynote address Nov. 19 at the Third Annual State of the Black Youth in the
New Millennium convention.

Held at Wayne State University's General Lectures auditorium by the National
Black Operations Business Association, the convention drew hundreds of
high-school and college youth.

"Hip hop is not drug culture, gun culture, thug culture or dumb culture,"
Chuck D said. "It comes out of the legacy and musicianship of Black people.
It's an expression of our soul in vocalization. But the industry has
substituted the style of a people for the soul of a people."

The musician noted that the hip-hop phenomenon has established roots
worldwide, including a thriving community in Brazil that has remained true
to the original purpose of the genre. He said that community refused to have
Snoop Dog and Ja Rule perform there, because they did not "represent the

Chuck D also condemned the Bush administration and the prison-industrial
complex in the United States.

"The only gangsters that get away with anything are the gangsters in
government," he said. "There are no Black gangsters." [more]

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