[Marxism] Re: From Dieter Elkins on Fallujah....

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Fri Dec 17 13:17:51 MST 2004

Good catch by Eli of phrase I missed:
"I'd love to believe this report, but how credible is it when it
includes statements like this: 
When asked about the number of US troops killed on Wednesday, Shaykh Abu
As'ad ad-Dulaymi replied by saying that at least 500 had died and that
63 Resistance fighters had fallen as martyrs. Ad-Dulaymi said that the
number of US vehicles destroyed exceeded 100."
Yes, there is definitely fairly typical Baathist/Islamic hype here.  I
am sure no MILITARY catastrophe on this scale has yet occurred in
Fallujah alone.
But there is a change in the direction of the hype, since the Resistance
always tends to hype its accomplishments.  (By the way, the Vietnamese
did this too.  If you go through their claims of deaths and casualties
for US troops during the war, you would probably add up a total larger
than the Civil War, World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam combined.
Even given suppression of casualties by the US government, this is not
what happened. This is simply truth-is-the-first-casualty war
However, even the hype is worth noting because of the change of its
direction.  Earlier the resistance concentrated on downplaying the
achievements of the US in Fallujah (which were never all that much in my
opinion, even in pure military terms) by focusing on the withdrawal of
fighters and the increase in fighters in other areas.  Now they treat
Fallujah itself more as a battleground where the US is being hammered
militarily.  We will find out if there is any substance to their claims
of the US backing away from direct full-scale occupation of the city.
But what seems to me like a shift in the hyped reports may reflect a
shift in confidence by the fighters in Fallujah, where the resistance
has always been underestimated by the US rulers, the media, and left
camp followers.  (I have decided on the latter  as my term-of-art for
the Rumsfeld worshipppers at the 'Militant.')
Fred Feldman

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