[Marxism] Re: State Capitalism and the writings of Kautsky

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>>>Does anyone know if the state capitalist theories
> EOC> The context was the debates within the Fourth International in the
> EOC> late 1940s, where the the description nof the eastern European
> EOC> states as state capitalist or something similar was quite widespread
>    ... based on "it didn't happen my way, so it didn't happen at all",  
> what brought several generations of revolutionist to recognize some  
> big revolutionary change. For example the Cuban revolution, or the  
> revolutionary changes in East and Central Europe and the USSR in 1989/ 
> 90.
We recognise that there were revolutionary changes, it's just that we 
don't recognise the changes as being either a socialist revolution or an 
anti-socialist counter-revolution respectively.

However, this is getting dangerously close to becoming the type of 
exchange of positions that doesn't bring us any further. For a brief 
account of Cliff's views on both these events/processes see his book 
"Trotskyism After Trotsky" at 

Einde O'Callaghan

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