[Marxism] "we can't abandon his room"

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Sat Dec 18 13:57:47 MST 2004

The parents of a Fawzi Al-Odah, one of 12 Kuwaiti detainees and over 
500 others imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay prison camp without charge, 
were in London two weeks ago, to launch the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, 
demanding a fair trial for their son and 11 other Kuwaitis. Khalid and 
Suad Al-Odah spoke to The Muslim News in an exclusive interview to 
voice their concern over the treatment of their son, who has been 
imprisoned by the US military since 2001, and the impact Fawzi’s 
imprisonment has had on their lives.
. . .

When Fawzi was captured, his mother, Suad, believed he would be back 
very soon. Now, after three years, she cannot understand why her eldest 
son, who once accompanied his beloved, ailing grandmother to the US for 
medical treatment, has been taken away from her, without reason or 
explanation. “This is the 21st century. How can a son just disappear 
like that?” asked Suhad, sobbing. “I cannot talk to him, I don’t 
receive any letters from him….why? After 9/11, we could understand some 
of the American rage, but it has to end somewhere. It cannot go on like 

“The most difficult moment for me,” sighs Khalid, “is when I come home 
from outside and see Suad sitting in a corner and weeping. Sometimes 
she can’t speak. Once I woke up in the middle of the night and I 
couldn’t find her beside me. So I searched for her and found her in 
Fawzi’s room, sleeping on his bed. She kept saying ‘we need to have 
life inside his bedroom, we can’t abandon his room’.”


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