[Marxism] State capitalism -- addition

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 19 08:15:26 MST 2004


Can you perhaps explain what form the privatisation of 'welfare' benefits 
has taken in Australia please Tom? In the UK at present, it appears that the 
government is ensuring that unemployment benefits be paid into building 
societies by the govt., and collected from post offices contracted to these 
financial insitutions, by the unemployed. What is the real logic of this 
scheme? The government is claiming that it makes things a lot easier for the 
'dole' claimant'- s/he collects their money straight from their specially 
set-up bank account. Is it not the case that the UK govt. is simply putting 
people's benefits into UK banks to be used, presumably, for investment or 
speculation? I am very much in the dark as to the privatisation of welfare 
payments and would really appreciate your help in clearing up the causes and 
effects thereof.



>MERELY privatised? I had to laugh at this one. Apart from the continual
>tightening of eligibility requirements to get benefits, privatisation
>has created a whole new culture where paying you benefits and finding
>you a job is a "business".

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