[Marxism] Democrats to appeal to anti-abortion voters

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Sun Dec 19 09:27:24 MST 2004

Democrats eye softer image on abortion
Leaders urge more welcome for opponents

By Susan Milligan, Boston Globe Staff  |  December 19, 2004

WASHINGTON -- Leading Democrats, stung by election losses, are signaling 
they want the party to embrace antiabortion voters and candidates, 
softening the image of the party from one fiercely defensive of abortion 
rights to one that acknowledges the moral and religious qualms some 
Americans have about the issue.

House minority leader Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat who is one of the 
most ardent supporters of abortion rights in Congress, has encouraged Tim 
Roemer, a former representative with a strong voting record against 
abortion, to run for the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. 
The Democrats' new Senate minority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, opposes 
abortion rights.


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