[Marxism] State Capitalism and the writings of Kautsky

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Sun Dec 19 15:21:50 MST 2004

 I notice that the advocates of state capitalism try to push the question on the tertiary issues so as to avoid the real question. And they try to make the subject under discussion as abstract as possible, which leaves a lot of room for maneouvering. Then we get pushed into discussing what this or that term means to you and me. 
     The real issue is do you defend China or the Cuban revolution when they are threatened by US imperialism? State capitalist organizations like the ISO emphatically do not. They support the overthrow of the Cuban government by the "workers". Which means they would support overthrowing all revolutions that have occurred in the real world. The views of the ISO on Cuba are very, very similar to Kautsky's "socialist" attacks on the Russian revolution. 

    These state capitalists would defend "independent unions" in Cuba organizing to overthrow the Cuban revolution. They would be giving left cover to imperialist attacks, just as Kautsky did. These state capitalists deliberately lie and distort reality to twist it to fit their pro-imperialist views on revolutions and workers states. And to think they have gall to say they do that in the name of defending Trotsky's ideas! 

Stan Smith


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