[Marxism] Re: State capitalism -- addition

Ian Pace ian at ianpace.com
Sun Dec 19 16:06:17 MST 2004

Ian>>Anyone have much experience or thoughts on the distinct socialist model 
Louis> We should not slip into a kind of economism in discussing these 
> We are not simply evaluating capitalist and noncapitalist countries on the 
> basis of income.

I'm not doing so, nor was my Croatian friend, at least not exclusively. She 
argued that pretty much all of the 'freedoms' available in the West were 
available in Yugoslavia as well (I actually hadn't realised, perhaps 
ignorantly, that Yugoslavians were perfectly free to travel wherever they 
wanted - if this is incorrect, please do tell me). Comparing degrees of 
inequality, which was a crux of her argument, isn't quite the same as just 
comparing income, I suppose.


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