[Marxism] Update: 3rd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference - Early bird registration discounts extended!

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Sun Dec 19 21:21:16 MST 2004

APISC 2005 Newsletter No. 2, December 17, 2004

3rd Asia Pacific International Solidarity Conference
25-28 March, 2005
Ashfield Boys High School, Sydney, Australia
Organised by Green Left Weekly newspaper and website in association with 
Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific

Contact apisc2005 at bigpond.com now to express interest in attending


Registration is now open for APISC 2005. In fact, if you register before 
January 23, 2005 you can do so at discounted prices: High waged: 
AUD$100;  Waged AUD$80; Unwaged AUD$50 and High School Students AUD$20.

Cheques/Money Orders should be made out to APISC 2005 and sent to: APISC 
2005, P.O. Box 458, Broadway 2007, Australia. Please include your name, 
organisation (if any), and field of activity and interests.

Since we issued the first announcement a week ago we have had new people 
emailing in saying that they would be attending the conference from the 
Philippines, New Zealand, Sri Lanka,  the USA as well as Australia. 
Let's make this a huge gathering of activists for a different world and 
a different Australia!

"BRING THEM HOME NOW! Iraq, War and Peace".

On Thursday evening March 24, there will be a special APSIC 2005 public 
meeting: "BRING THEM HOME NOW! Iraq, War and Peace". The speaker will be 
Stan Goff, a member of the Military Fanilies Against the War campaign 
and a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Bring Them Home Now 
movement in the U.S. Goff himself has been a US Special Forces soldier 
serving in  Vietnam, Grenada, Haiti, Colombia, Peru, El Salvador, 
Guatemala, and Mogadishu, Somalia. Now he is a campaigner against U.S. 
military and foreign policy and an outstanding analyst of the politics 
of these polcies. He is a frequent contributor to Counterpunch magazine 
and the author of two books, Hideous Dream and Full Spectrum Disorder. 
He is now working on a third book, Sex and War about gender and the 
military. He has a website, http://home.igc.org/~sherrynstan/, but the 
best thing is to do a Google on "Stan Goff" to find his articles.

For an example of one of Goff's recent and very inspiring speeches have 
a look at the website of the Bring Them Home Now! (BTHN) campaign. 

The BTHN! home page also features the resolution adopted by those 
present at the meeting where Goff spoke. Goff's powerful statement was 
interrupted repeatedly by applause.  It lays out a clear orientation and 
a clear challenge to anti-war veterans and to the anti-war movement: 
"Those troops are OUR armed forces, and we have to reclaim them no 
matter the cost." In that sense it carries further the themes that 
retired Army Special Forces Master Sergeant Goff has been dealing with 
in his military columns (collected at http://www.freedomroad.org).

The "BRING THEM HOME NOW! Iraq, War and Peace" meeting will also be held 
at Ashfield Boys High School. There will be a separate ticket cost. 
Bookings will open in January.


The chairperson of the Indonesian National Front for Labor Struggles 
(FNPBI), Dita Sari and Zelly Ariane, the Secretary General of the 
Peoples Democratic Party (PRD) are now confirmed to attend the conference.

We are also in contact with Acehnese and West Papuan groups in Indonesia 
and will let people know who is coming as soon as the names are 
confirmed. Acehnese and Papuan activists based in Australia have also 
been invited to speak.

 From the Philippines, Sonny Melencio of the Philippines Workers Party 
(PMP) and Reihana Mohideen of the Workers Solidarity Center (BMP) are 
confirmed. A representative of MAKABAYAN (Workers for Social 
Liberation), another progressive labor group in the Philippines, will 
also be attending.
Speakers are confirmed from the following countries so far:

South Korea, Indonesia, Aceh, West Papua, East Timor, Bangladesh, India, 
Pakistan, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, USA, Spain, Turkey, Palestine, El 
Salvador, and more confirmations expected soon.


Watch out for next issue of the APISC 2005 Newsletter in the new year 
for an update on APISC 2005's A DIFFERENT AUSTRALIA IS POSSIBLE! Stream 
of workshops and discussions throughout the conference.

APSIC 2005 Website

A conference website is now under construction and should be operating 
by January 22. It will be updated regularly with information about APISC 
2005 plans. Check it out at http://www.apsc.net.au after January 22.

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