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Essay Contest Reminder

The Editors

Dear /Left Hook/ readers,

We want to remind you that the /Monthly Review/-sponsored essay contest
deadline is by the end of this month. So be sure to submit your entry to
get a full year-long subscription to the MR magazine, which contains
some of the best political-economic analysis around, (first 25 entries),
and have a chance at winning $50 (top two entries).

Details are available here <http://www.lefthook.org/Contest.html>.

Derek Seidman and M. Junaid Alam

LH Exclusive: An Interview with Stan Goff

M. Junaid Alam with Stan Goff

Recently, /Left Hook /co-editor M. Junaid Alam was able to fire off some
questions to Stan Goff, a former US Special Forces Master Sergeant with
more than two decades of military experience who is now heavily involved
in anti-war work with Military Families Speak Out and the Bring Them
Home Now campaign, and is also the author of /Full Spectrum Disorder/
and /Hideous Dream/. Below, he offers his sharp insights on recent
tactical, military, and political developments taking place in Iraq,
discusses the very real growing signs of discontent within the armed
forces, and what the anti-war movement should do about it.

- (Read interview) <http://www.lefthook.org/Interviews/AlamGoff122004.html>

The Ohio Recount: a "Dumboacracy" Issue

Josh Frank

What a waste of time and money this is. This Ohio recount business is
nonsensical. The Green Party and David Cobb are calling it a democracy
issue. More like "dumbocracy."

Larry Long, the Executive Director of the Ohio Association of County
Commissioners, claims that Cobb's actions are "an exercise in futility
and a ridiculous waste of county tax money." He's not kidding. Each
county in the state has had to shell out thousands of dollars, and
hundreds of hours of staff time to proceed with the recount.

"But this is vote fraud, Bush stole the damn election," you say!? Not so
fast there.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Politics/Frank122004.html>

Smile: A Short Story

Josh Saxe



Amanda squints into the peephole that stretches a shaggy face winking
under white light. “It's Mike”: she says, wringing the indoor air with
her tightened throat, her tone hiding in decayed drunkenness; she clamps
him with nervous fingers, like a bombed-out refugee clutches pear-faced
kids and burnt jewelry. Tonight he and Eli leave for a dusty base in
Seattle, from there it’s off to Baghdad.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Culture/Saxe122004.html>

A Weekly Data Sheet of US-uk Military Fatalities Post-May 1, 2003

Paulo de Rooij

Why this data sheet? The US military doesn’t allow the compilation and
publication of Iraqi casualties, and it is very difficult to know how
bloody the occupation of Iraq has resulted. The only indication of the
intensity of the conflict are the military fatalities. We can use this
as a proxy measure to determine if the occupation is a bloody quagmire
or if the dust is finally settling on the rubble.

Furthermore, as demonstrated elsewhere, the Pentagon and their media
surrogates are attempting to hide the true extent of the carnage among
its soldiers.

- (Read full) <http://www.lefthook.org/Politics/Rooijdatabase.html>

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