[Marxism] Make-work projects

Ernie & Jess mackenzie.tate at sympatico.ca
Mon Dec 20 11:01:41 MST 2004

Tom O'Lincoln writes:

"Then one day a bulldozer arrived and did the work of a dozen of us in 
the twinkling of an eye, and I realised the real agenda wasn’t to build 
a dam. It was nation-building: gathering people from different republics 
together to develop a sense of national solidarity. It seemed quite 
successful to me: there was no sign of the supposed “age-old” 
hostilities between groups that we were later told explained the 
break-up of Yugloslavia."

I know it is not the main point of Tom's contribution to the discussion, 
but the above jumped out at me.  Shouldn't we question the validity of 
involving anyone in such "make work" projects just to make a political 
point?  What a huge waste of young people's energy and time, even if it 
is for so-called nobler pursposes. It only breeds cyncisim and suggests 
the only way to develop understanding and solidarity among young people 
is through trickery and lying. I hope the workers movement and a future 
socialist government would find such practices abhorrent.

Ernest Tate

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