[Marxism] The On-Going War Against Native Sovereignty

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Note by Hunter Bear:

This is the same individual/organizational mentality that over the many
decades has sought to promote assimilation of Indian people, end the Federal
treaty obligations to the tribal nations [mandated  via Article 6, Section 2
of US Constitutution - "supreme law of the land"], and seize remaining
Indian land and resources for the corporations.  It is closely related to
the nefarious "Sagebrush Rebellion" which seeks to eliminate the US Forest
Service, US Bureau of Land Management, US Park Service, et al and privatize
all public lands within the United States.  None of this will succeed -- but
vigilance and counter attack are constantly required in order to keep these
predators at arm's length.  H

Anti-sovereignty groups across the country merge as one
One Nation of Oklahoma joins United Property Owners of Washington

Sam Lewin 12/20/2004

Two leading anti-tribal sovereignty organizations have joined forces to
fight policies friendly to tribal governments.

One Nation of Oklahoma and United Property Owners are merging into one
organization, One Nation United, effective the first of the year.

United Property Owners, which claims 78,000 members, is a Washington
State-based group that formed 15 years ago following high profile disputes
over fishing rights in the region.

"Across the United States, certain Indian tribal leaders, emboldened by
seriously flawed and often corrupt Federal policies, are using their extreme
wealth from gambling to rapidly expand their self-declared authority and to
encroach on the rights of private citizens, small businesses, and local and
state governments," charges the UOP website.

One Nation of Oklahoma has been on the Indian Country radar screen for
several years now as they appear actively dedicated to opposing Oklahoma
tribes on everything from gaming compacts to tobacco and gasoline sales.
They claim 180 thousand members and include four main groups: the Southern O
klahoma Water Alliance, Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Oklahoma Petroleum Marketers
Association and the Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association. The Quick
Trip Corporation is a member of One Nation. Chief competitor Git-N-Go
maintains they are not.

''The purpose of One Nation is to raise public awareness of the growing
threat to our state's economic future posed by the unprecedented expansion
of the power of these Native American tribes," reads an excerpt from a One
Nation publication.

One Nation officials deny that their actions are racially motivated, but not
everyone buys that. Last year, Gary Fisher, a Cherokee man, quit a job with
the Oklahoma Farm Bureau because of the organizations link to One Nation.

" I resigned because of their association with One Nation. They are very
much anti-Indian and I'm a tribal member," Fisher told the Native American
Times. " Have you seen their website? It looks like something from the Aryan
Nations to me."

Although many tribes in Oklahoma appear to be reluctant to confront One
Nation publicly, individual Indians are not as timid. Kim Collins of Ardmore
has a website that refutes One Nation claims that tribal sovereignty hurts
the state.

"Tribal governments contribute over $7.8 billion annually to Oklahoma's
economy in the areas of business, employment, education, health care, social
services, housing, and others. Sixty-two of Oklahoma's seventy-seven
counties are directly impacted by tribal economies," Collins said after
launching the site.

"Can we, as American Indians, ignore the implications of what One Nation is
attempting to do with the sovereignty of the Indian Nations of Oklahoma? I
think not," states the website. "This is a call for all American Indians to
rise up against One Nation and their cause. They want to break more treaties
that the US government is obligated to keep."

United Property Owners executive director Barbara Lindsay will lead One
Nation United when they begin the first of the year. Lindsay says that the
group will have 300,000 members in 50 states.

Lindsay was named to the post last year after flying to Oklahoma to meet
with One Nation officials. At the time, Lindsay repeatedly defended her
organization to the Native American Times as a group dedicated to fairness,
and looking out for the rights of tribal members.

"I'm one eighth Western Cherokee and my ancestors walked the Trail of
Tears," Lindsay said. " We want to have a good relationship with the tribes.
Our differences are with some of the tribal leaders who behave

She refused to single out those leaders behaving "irresponsibly", but said
some tribes in California are "good neighbors", while others take advantage
of their members and use tribal revenues to help only themselves and a
select few.

She also denied there was an inherent anti-Indian bias in One Nation and

" That's always what people say when they want to change the subject. You
resort to name calling like little children rather than debating the issues
that affect us," she said.

Those who disagree with her will find that within a few days they are
fighting a much larger foe.

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