[Marxism] Tony Judt on European anti-Semitism, old and new

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Mon Dec 20 13:23:57 MST 2004

Goodbye to All That? 
   by Tony Judt

   "Anti-Semitism" today is a genuine problem. It is also an illusory
   problem. The distinction between the two is one of those contemporary
   issues that most divide Europe from the United States. The
   overwhelming majority of Europeans abhors recent attacks on Jews and
   Jewish institutions and takes them very seriously. But it is
   generally recognized in Europe that these attacks are the product of
   local circumstances and are closely tied to contemporary political
   developments in Europe and elsewhere. Thus the increase in
   anti-Jewish incidents in France or Belgium is correctly attributed to
   young people, frequently of Muslim or Arab background, the children
   or grandchildren of immigrants. This is a new and disconcerting
   social challenge and it is far from clear how it should be addressed,
   beyond the provision of increased police protection. But it is not,
   as they say, "your grandfather's anti-Semitism."

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