[Marxism] Books on Vegetarianism (Not Just a Dietary Choice)

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon Dec 20 13:40:04 MST 2004

Carrol Cox wrote:
> In the long run a totally vegetarian diet is not ecologically
> sustainable.

I should have added that much of the world's protein is contained in
grasses, seeds, etc. which the human stomach cannot digest. Hence that
protein has to be passed through some animal to become available to
humans. The Great Plains will produce (and have produced in the past)
great quantities of protein in the form of grass, which humans can't
digest. Goats (not popular in the u.s. now) can consume a good deal of
vegetation that is useless to humans. Ditto rabbits, chickens, etc. Very
few areas of the world can safely be devoted (at least indefinitely) to
large-scale production of grains.

The future will have to get along without much, if any, tender beef, but
otherwise will have to consume quite a bit of meat.


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