[Marxism] Re: Yugoslavia

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Mon Dec 20 15:04:54 MST 2004

>>I have heard my parents talk often about Omladinsko Naselje, sounded like
fun places back then.<<

It was fun most of the time. They woke us up brutally at 5 am every day,
pounding on the bunk beds and yelling "Ustaj!" (get up), but that was so we
could finish by early afternoon, before the summer heat totally fried us.
At one point though they pushed us too hard and the kids started to
collapse, and I think the medical staff read them the riot act, because we
got a day off for no obvious reason.

If there was a negative (not that I felt negative about it at the time) it
was the night time rallies. The brigades were competing furiously to be the
best, but I guess that was no worse than similar things in the west. And
the idea was that when your brigade, made up of kids from various regions,
worked together to win the competition it would overcome regional barriers.
But once or twice they had us all march up in formation, singing the
brigade songs (ours was “Ivan Mecar, Najbolya Brigada” – The Ivan Mecar
Brigade is the best - don't ask me who Ivan Mecar was) at night, by
floodlight. That did have a slight “Nuremburg rally” flavour that worries
me in retrospect, precisely because it was very thrilling.

>>Tho I am more surprised why more communist parties are not doing these
sorts of things.<

I think some of the other East European states did this sort of thing, but
I could never manage to get the right connections. One day I walked boldly
into Communist Party headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria, naively imagining
they would know all about it, but I just got blank looks.

Forgive me if the Croatian spelling is garbled; it’s been a long time.

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