[Marxism] Iran leader says US, Israel behind anti-Shia bombings

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Mon Dec 20 16:53:17 MST 2004

Al Jazeerah

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Iran: Israel, U.S. Rigging Iraq Election

Mon Dec 20, 2004 09:25 AM ET

TEHRAN (Reuters) - 


Israeli and U.S. agents were behind bombings in Iraq's Shi'i holy cities
Kerbala and Najaf, Iran's Supreme Leader said Monday, accusing Tehran's
arch-foes of trying to rig Iraq's elections for their own ends. Shi'i
Iran was quick to condemn Sunday's car bombings in Najaf and Kerbala,
killed 66 people. 

"I am sure Israeli and American spy services were behind these events.
is a plot which aims at keeping the Iraqis so busy that they will miss
exceptional chance to participate in the January 30 elections,"
Ali Khamenei said, speaking to Mecca pilgrimage organizers on state TV.

"The British and Americans want to hold elections on the surface but in
reality they want to bring their own agents to power by holding
elections," added the Supreme Leader, who has the last word on all state

Officials from oil-rich Iran have called for fully democratic elections
year in Iraq, where the majority of people are their Shi'i

President Bush and Iraq's interim Defense Minister Hazim al-Shala'an
accused Iran of aiding Iraqi resistance in inflaming pre-election

Many analysts believe that the simmering violence in Iraq distracts
Washington's gaze from Tehran.


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