[Marxism] Tokenism in private white schools in Louisiana & Mississippi

Brian Shannon Brian_Shannon at verizon.net
Mon Dec 20 17:41:21 MST 2004

Josh Peters of the Baton Rouge Times-Picayune writes of recent  
experiences at two private white academies that were set up by wealthy  
white southerners to avoid the school integration of the late 1960s.

The boy's mother, Cynthia Caesar, a cook at a nursing home in LaPlace,  
still had reservations. But his father, employed by the St. John the  
Baptist water-waste department, liked the idea of his son breaking new  
ground. He argued that the decision should be left to Jarid, who at the  
time was 12.  As the enrollment deadline approached, Cynthia asked her  
son what he intended to do.  "I'm going to Riverside," Jarid told her.   
In the fall of 2001, Jarid became a Rebel

"I figured they're just trying to make an example. We just let one in  
and that would show we accept blacks,'' she said.  Sure, Linda Hayes  
thought, they'll accept a black student as clean-cut and polite as  
Brian. But would they take a black student with cornrows or baggy pants  
or a tattoo, even if he was academically qualified?  She doubted it,  
and that bothered her. She did not want her son to be the school's  
first and only black student. "Whenever they get some more black kids,"  
Linda Hayes told her son, "then you can go."

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