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Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Mon Dec 20 20:13:45 MST 2004

It's not specifically marxist, but Richard Heinberg's "Powerdown" makes
a powerful case for population reduction.

Given that there are 10 calories of fossil fuel in every calorie of food
that we eat, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the world's current
population is unsustainable.

Also, check out Mike Davis on Las Vegas

Jon Flanders 

> I would also be grateful for pointers to any specifically Marxist
> discussion of population reduction. In the hands of the bourgeoisie (and in
> the hands of the Chinese rulers, whatever you think they are) it can point
> in such reactionary directions that I’ve always been very stand-offish
> about it. Also if Lou can point me to a source on the Kerala experience, it
> would be very helpful.
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