[Marxism] unsub policy for full mailboxes

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Dec 21 09:38:32 MST 2004

Yesterday afternoon we went through the subscription list and purged 22 
accounts that had been disabled due to bounced emails. we do this 
periodically to try and clean out old subscribers who no longer are around 
but didnt bother to unsubscribe. if we inadvertently unsubbed you, let us 
know and we will get you back with your original delivery options.

We have set up the list software so that if your mailbox is full and we get 
too many bounces, we disable your account. its a detailed process, but 
basically this happens only after an extended period of getting bounces from 
your address. The disabling happens automatically, and you will get a 
notification both at that time and every seven days afterwards. that 
notification will contain instructions on re-enabling your mail delivery. 
When you have cleaned out your mailbox and are ready to receive mail again, 
proceed to the user options page at marxmail and indicate you want to receive 
email again. or contact Lou or myself and we will enable delivery.

 [currently we send one year of warnings before automatically unsubscribing 
you, Lou, we can reduce this to 4-6 weeks and then the purges would also be 
handled automatically.]

occasionally, there are network path disruptions that can also cause bounces. 
if this happens enough the strategy is the same as above. contact me offlist 
if you are in this category and i will investigate what the problem is, and i 
will resubscribe you at no extra charge.

and a reminder: you can subscribe to the list,  post to it, and NOT receive 
any emails, if you prefer to read the list from one of several web pages that 
archive the posts. i have described this process in an email a while ago. 
basically, on the user options page, you simply disable email delivery 
yourself. however, any posts you send to the list will be delivered 

i will talk to lou about putting links to my tech notes on a special page at 
marxmail so i dont always have to remember where they are stored, and 
everyone can access them for administrative purposes.

les schaffer

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