[Marxism] Americans regret invasion, but still endorse occupation

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Tue Dec 21 16:04:17 MST 2004

Eli Stephens wrote:
> Listening to some analyst on CNN report just a few minutes ago about how
> "Americans" want to see elections in Iraq go forward, I remarked to someone
> how much I hate that kind of formulation, and the same goes for the title of
> this post (no offense, Marv!). A poll which shows that 58 percent of
> Americans want to see the occupation continue does NOT mean that "Americans"
> endorse occupation, it means Americans are in fact quite split on the
> subject, with a majority in support of continued occupation but a
> significant majority (39 percent) opposed. 3 out of 5 Americans endorse
> occupation, but 2 out of 5 say "get the troops out of there."

A mass movement which could mobilize in  _active_ opposition only half
of those who (passively) oppose the Occupation would create such an
uproar that it could pretty much make continuation of the Occupation
impossible. And moreover, such a political terrain -- with the
government retreating in the face of mass resistance, would so disgust
many of the 58% that _they_ as well would become open to leftist

Whether under present conditions it is remotely possible to mobilize
that number is an open question; it is less possible now than it was
before the anti-war movement was pulverized by the presidential


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