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mds zenporcupinegrind at breathe.com
Tue Dec 21 16:38:11 MST 2004

> One supposes that Frank wrote this book at a time when he was still 
> some kind of Marxist. However, the whole business of "imposing 
> arbitrary limits on what people can achieve in advance" means 
> something entirely different for him nowadays. It has no connection to 
> socialism and scientific planning. It is merely a call for more 
> hydroelectric dams, more genetically modified crops, more nuclear 
> power plants, etc.


I haven't posted for a long while (have had connectivity issues) but 
trust another of Louis' anti-RCP postings to bring me out of mailing 

The point with the alleged fetishisation of progress in Furedi's 
thinking is not, in my mind, something that can be dismissed so 
lightly. The question to pose is really whether or not the 
anti-developmental lobby has a sound base on which to stand; granted, 
there is little evidence of socialism in Frank's contemporary writings 
which focus almost exclusively on that ineffable and abstract realm of 
Culture (!) but this aside, there is a central issue at stake here that 
rather than being debated in full is often dismissed by the 
environmentally minded lobby.

Just a sketch for the first post, nothing more.

Hope everyone's well, cheers for now,

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