[Marxism] The story of Fallujah

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Wed Dec 22 14:26:53 MST 2004

I just don't find too much of this credible. Did I miss it or were no 
mention of US casualties mentioned? I wonder why? I find the idea the 
the armored assault was "repulsed" to lack credibility. An RPG is 
simply not an anti-tank weapon. It cannot penetrate 6 inches of 
hardened steel. It'll 'pop' on the outside with no forward thrust 
what-so-ever. They were not designed as anti-armor, they were designed 
as anti-personnel, thus the shell will shatter on impact, sending 
shrapnel everywhere. You have to have a *shaped* charge on the end of a 
rocket to be anti-armor. The Soviets made them, not unlike the ones the 
US army has employed. The only way to take out an Abrams with a PRG is 
to bust a link on one of it's treads, which are the...pardon the pun 
... the weakest link on the tank.

That US GI's are sill wondering around Fallujah, with live TV reports 
from the city, tells me that there is some shall we say, 
inconsistencies with this report.


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