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Wed Dec 22 14:34:10 MST 2004

I'm passing along this circular, with the observation that Thomas Paine
has always been revered as both one of the more plebeian of the
prominent 18th century republican revolutionaries and one of the most
radical.  He made enemies of monarchy on both sides of the Atlantic,
opposed slaver, and discussed women's rights, though not so fully as his
co-thinker Mary Wollstonecraft.

Certainly, he extended the general concern about unchecked political
power into the realm of accumulated wealth, and saw political action to
check such accumulations as essential to the survival of the
republicanism of his day.  He lays out some particularly far-reaching
Thompson called the former " "a foundation text of the English working
class" and it was certainly so on this side of the Atlantic, as well.
It can be read or downloaded at <
http://econpapers.hhs.se/bookchap/hayhetcha/paine1908-51.htm> AGRARIAN
JUSTICE is at http://ideas.repec.org/h/hay/hetcha/paine1908-118.html 

Paine was born January 29, 1737 at Thetford, and the celebration of his
birthday has always provided a good secularist recovery from the
superstitions associated with December.
Mark L. 

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Subject: Announcing: Thomas Paine Birthday Celebrations

Dear Friend of Thomas Paine, 

The celebration of Thomas Paine's birthday, though largely forgotten
today, is a tradition historically and vitally important to movements
for reform and freethought in the U.S.A., Britain and around the world.
While Paine's birthday is still observed in a few homes and meeting
places in the US and Britain, the celebrations have fallen into the
background, out of the awareness of the populace as a whole, and have
deteriorated to their historically lowest ebb.

Let's reverse that trend! Are you holding a Paine Birthday
celebration? Might you consider it? 

We invite you to take a look at this new website:


(Looks best on the Internet Explorer browser right now)

This is a place where you can:

Publicize your own event
Learn about the history of the Paine Birthday Celebrations.
Locate birthday celebrations in your area.
Share historical materials with other people

Your contact information will NOT be posted on the web, just the date
and location of your event. Interested parties will use the contact form
http://www.thomaspaineinstitute.org/bday_contact.html at which time
inquiries will be forwarded directly to your designated contact person. 
Since your email is not visible on the web, this will eliminate any SPAM
directed to your address. 

Our goal is to build the number and visibility of events worldwide. To
accomplish this end we will continue to expand, add more historical
content, and make this a permanent addition to the web. Your feedback
and suggestions are welcome. You can reply directly to this email or use
the contacts provided on the website.

We cordially invite your participation and, YES, we'll be joining with
our friends around the world on January 29, 2005 as we celebrate the
natal day of Citizen of the World THOMAS PAINE.

Sincere best wishes, 

Thomas Paine Institute

C Thomas Paine Institute, 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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