[Marxism] Reply to Rev. Jerry re publish or perish

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed Dec 22 16:27:48 MST 2004

I understand and share the concerns of Jerry and Joe, but I think
there's no such thing as either "a deep hostility towards organized left
parties" nor "a congenital tendency" in isolation to be demoralized and
"apportion blame on each other, resulting in splits, expellations and
internecine squabbling." 

Those of us who have been standing fast for years and decades have never
had less reason for demoralization than now.  Reevaluating past efforts,
though, is what Marxists do and criticisms should fall where they will.
Most of this list that has been involved in organized efforts have been
quite open about the mistakes they think they have made, which is how we
all move forward.  

So, too, there have regularly been very positive posts about what groups
like Solidarity, ISO and WWP have been doing.  There's a clear
willingness to praise groups when they do positive things.  

The objections expressed about SOME groups--not all and not "groups" in
general--have to do with those which take a religious and dogmatic
approach to the world.  Figuring out ahead of time how to apply the
general principles on which we all generally agree to specific questions
don't work, because those questions are always a little different each
time.   So, too, such groups tend to write off all other groups and
opposing this approach is essential in order to have a balanced view of
the Left generally.  I'd also add that many of the people involved in
groups that do claim to have all the answers generally wind up getting
burned out and embittered at having wasted a lot of time.

On the big picture, we must have a bit of confidence in ourselves and
our good sense--I mean radicals generally, not just the list.  We must
learn from the radicalization as it unfolds and there will most surely
be openings for groups to do positive things for that wider
radicalizations...and opportunities for all of us to participate.  We
must find answers when circumstances and the depth of the radicalization
pose the questions.    

Mark L.

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