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Jon Flanders jonathan.flanders at verizon.net
Wed Dec 22 20:51:28 MST 2004

>  > ...meanwhile less-industrialized nations (including China) will have 
> to forego industrializing. None of this will be simple or easy. [the 
> understatement of the year.]
> This notion of preventing industrialization in lesser developed 
> economies recurs in Heinberg's writings. I get the idea that he knows 
> that only the citizens of the advanced industrial countries (the 
> grandest of empires) will benefit from his plan.

You have a different reading of Heinberg than I do, that's for sure. He
is not saying that those living in "the grandest of empires" should or
will benefit from the coming crisis. Just the opposite. We are trapped
in a society that increasingly forecloses options and alternatives for
survival as farmland is paved over and water and fuel resources are
destroyed and depleted. In fact, those living in less oil-intensive
societies may very well fare better. 

Heinberg is not a marxist. He doesn't see the working class as the
potential agency for change. So he, like other left-liberals looks for
some glimmering of leadership in the elite.

That doesn't eliminate the power of his critique in my book.

We agree on one thing. Read him and decide for yourself.

Jon Flanders

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