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eugene plawiuk eugene at union.org.za
Thu Dec 23 04:22:19 MST 2004

M. King Hubbert on the web.
Hubbert is a favorite reference for my uncle a professional
engineer and geologist, worked for the National Research
Council of Canada for years and is a member of Technocracy
Before dismissing Technocracy, one should review their work
on economics needing to be energy based, Hubbert was a
technocrat, rather than m-c-m, they opposed a money economy
or price economy as they call it with an energy economy.
Technocracy is a left wing economic idea, once banned at
the same time as other left groups, based largely on
Thorstien Veblens theories meets Physical Science.
I grew up with technocracy and its politics here in Canada
have always been left of centre, 
eugene plawiuk
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