[Marxism] 7 More US marines murdered by US imperialism in Iraq (one in Anbar -- Pentagonese for Fallujah)

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Dec 23 04:55:32 MST 2004

Of course there is no mention of the number of Iraqis who were murdered
by imperialism that day.
This news story, like almost all the news coverage on Iraq in the United
States, pushes the myth that the current fighting is not about the
occupation but is a special struggle against the elections, which are
presented as a decisive event in the conflict.  None of the groups that
issue statements are reported to have mentioned the elections.  No
quotes from rebel supporters demanding that the elections not be held or
postponed or cancelled. But holding or postponing the elections are a
question only for the occupying power and those who are attempting to
function politically in the framework of the occupation, including at
the moment the Shia leadership which hopes to establish a government in
the voting which can advance their interests. 
The setup enables the Bush administration to raise hopes that the
struggle will decline after the occupation regime "victoriously" goes
ahead with the elections "in full and on time", some people vote, and so
on.  The reduction of the struggle to a battle over setting up some
occupation institutional form (the constitution, the handoff of "power",
the election conferences, the election) -- always ending in a collosal
victory when Washington sticks with its schedule -- has been the pattern
of the occupation.  And then the fighting goes on and the administration
says, "We knew that.  They don't want to accept the verdict of the
Fred Feldman
MSNBC News.co
d/6692775/&&cm=MSNBC&ce=1&hl=7 U.S. Marines killed in Iraq>  U.S.
Marines killed in Iraq

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