[Marxism] DSP prettifies the North Korean regime

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    We can read this article and see the whole piece avoids discussing what Bruce Cummings wrote and what was factually wrong with the book.
     What the writer actually takes up in this misnamed article on North Korea is animus towards some other party that printed the review. The other issue is a rather lame ideological defense of his view of the North Korea state. And that is unclear; can he decide if it is state capitalist, a deformed workers state, a feudal state? No. Can he explain why the Soviet Union was a deformed workers state, why Vietnam is, but why North Korea is not? No. 
      Sometimes I get the impression these people just add up how many hostile articles and campaigns are written in the imperialist press about the socialist countries or workers states, then use their tabulations to determine how deformed or capitalist these states are. North Korea gets the most, so then it must be the most deformed, if even a workers state at all. Vietnam gets very few, so it is an okay deformed workers state. Cuba, I guess because it executed three kidnappers, and has 70 dissidents for hire in jail, must be deformed. China is inbetween, so maybe its a workers state, maybe it's capitalist now. These kinds of writers to this list are just conveyor belts for imperialist propaganda. How much the imperialist press attacks each of these countries informs us how bad the countries are. 

      It wouldn't occur to people like the author of this article that the Big Business press attacks Cuba and North Korea because they stand up to imperialism.

   This article is another article, of many common to this list, of what I assume is another Western liberal trying to pass himself off as some kind of radical and Marxist by adopting a state capitalist Kautskyist view of the world. 

Stan Smith



The DSP leadership makes a political gesture towards the "deformed 
workers state" of North Korea

By Bob Gould

The Christmas break issue of Green Left Weekly has an excited review by 
Chris Atkinson of Jim McIlroy's pamphlet, Origins of the ALP, which 
condemns Laborism and Laborites in the most sweeping way. I'll comment 
more fully on that in a few days.

Right next to that review is an article about North Korea, ostensibly a 
  review of a book by a US historian, Bruce Cumings. 

The review is by Iggy (Ignatius) Kim, who is one of the younger leaders 
of the DSP. He's of Korean background and comes of a zealous Korean 
Catholic family, who sent him to good Catholic schools. He became a 
Marxist a few years ago.

I have to confess to a certain respect, and even personal liking, for 
Iggy Kim. He's a tall bloke with an infectious laugh and a winning 
smile. He's an energetic activist of the DSP. He obviously lives on not 
much money and is very dedicated. He's often to be seen pedaling his 
pushbike around the inner city.

His personal commitment deserves respect, and he's also a serious 
Marxist intellectual, although he's commissioned from time to time by 
the DSP leadership to perform intellectual tasks that are extremely 

For example, the DSP leadership got him to write a pamphlet, The Origins 
of Racism, at the time of the Pauline Hanson outbreak a few years ago. 
The pamphlet blamed the Labor Party for the origins of racism in 
Australia and attacked official multiculturalism at the same time as the 
Hansonites were doing the same thing from the right.

Now, Iggy Kim has obviously been given the job of prettifying North 
Korea because of his Korean background, and to my mind, chronically 
suspicious in matters relating to the DSP leadership, this suggests that 
this may have something to do with the DSP's planned Asia-Pacific 
Solidarity Conference.

Full: http://members.optushome.com.au/spainter/NKorea.html


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