[Marxism] Priceless: Iraq election officials will observe...from Jordan!

M. Junaid Alam mjunaidalam at msalam.net
Thu Dec 23 11:32:45 MST 2004

*This really speaks for itself, but who can resist a comment or two? The 
elections are too dangerous for the officials and observers to be 
anywhere near the polling stations, never mind in the actual country 
itself - but the actual citizens who will be voting should be just 
dandy!  A skilled hand could create some priceless satire with some of 
the phraseology used in the article and the statements of dissembling 
dickheads who are quoted...


    Foreign Team Will Watch Vote in Iraq From Jordan


WASHINGTON, Dec. 22 - Representatives of seven nations met in Ottawa 
this week to recruit international observers for the Iraqi elections and 
agreed to watch the vote, but from the safety of Amman, Jordan.

They said it was too dangerous to monitor the voting in Iraq, meaning 
international observers are unlikely for the elections on Jan. 30 - 
making them the first significant vote of this sort recently with no 
foreign presence, United Nations officials say.

The United Nations, the European Union and many nongovernmental groups 
involved in election and democracy projects are helping to organize and 
administer the vote. As a result, they argue, acting as monitors would 
be a conflict of interest.

The United States, a senior State Department official said, "will have 
as low a profile as possible during the election."


Carina Perelli, a senior United Nations official, who said she had been 
"pleading" for volunteers to monitor the elections, called the Canadian 
effort "critical."

But after the two-day meeting ended Tuesday, Jean-Pierre Kingsley, 
Canada's chief electoral officer, said that the group would send few if 
any people into Iraq, due to the danger.

"We are not calling this an observation mission," he said. "It is an 
assessment mission."

Mr. Kingsley said his new organization of election officials from 
several nations will form relationships with Iraqi election monitors and 
other officials in visits to Iraq in coming weeks, and then rely on 
reports from them on Election Day.

"When you are an electoral administrator, there are a lot things you can 
look at to give you an exceedingly good idea of what is going on, 
without actually being there."


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