[Marxism] Falluja and Marxmail

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 23 12:16:21 MST 2004

>So does anybody (on this list)know what is really
>going on in Falluja?To what point is it under whose
>control?-And as a reply to Mark-I think Marxmail is a
>positive thing as a forum for independent left debate
>and info exchange,but sooner or later the party
>quesion looms-I think sooner-also I took it that Mark
>thinks Workers World is the pick of the litter or one
>of the best,but I read nice things about ISO
>frequently-So I pose the question-whose the best of
>the left groups-or is that too contoversial for the
>list?   Rev.Jerry

It is not too controversial. However, Marxmail exists as an alternative to 
such groups that are modeled on a misunderstanding of the Bolshevik Party. 
Although there are no plans afoot to use the list as a springboard to a new 
party, we are trying to stimulate discussion about the need for one. This 
new party will be far more inclusive ideologically and far more flexible 
tactically than the left groups you mention. It will dispense with the 
"Russian questions" or at least not make them into a litmus test. It will 
not be about the business of expelling people right and left for fear of a 
scratch turning into gangrene. It will not operate on the basis of 
ideological democratic centralism, which requires people to defend ideas in 
public that they do not agree with. Discipline will be geared to activity, 
not thought.

In other words, the kind of party we favor will look a lot more like the 
original Bolshevik party than anything that exists today. We favor such a 
party because it is necessary for a socialist victory.

We do not oppose the ISO or WWP propagandizing for socialism and working in 
the mass movement, although we might disagree with the way they go about 
things. Our goal here is to clarify our thinking about what is necessary 
for final victory. There is plenty of time between now and the final 
battle, but we must sort things out today for victory to take place in the 



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