[Marxism] Marx's Grave

mds zenporcupinegrind at breathe.com
Thu Dec 23 17:02:03 MST 2004

On 23 Dec 2004, at 23:39, acpollack2 at juno.com wrote:

> Yes, the word pilgrimage leaped out at me. But it made me think not of
> Islamic hajj but of trips to Lourdes, Canterbury, Jerusalem -- and of 
> Crusades to "defend" the latter.
> Be that as it may there is something to be said (as Trotsky did) for 
> secular ALTERNATIVES to religious rites, rituals that make us MORE 
> rather than less conscious. And I believe pilgrimages to the grave is 
> one. (Best Marxmas card I ever got had a photo of a comrade at that 
> site.)

Interesting. I didn't mean to particularise hajj from other religious 
pilgrimages of course, just provide the most contemporary example that 
sprang to mind.

I'm not sure I'd concur that finding alternative for religious rites is 
strictly necessary; the notion of intellectual crutch springs to mind, 
propping up a politics on the basis of image and doctrine rather than 
analysis and reason. More conscious perhaps - but how false?


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