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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Dec 23 17:27:06 MST 2004

Tim Kennelly:
>One of the major problems that needs to be overcome in
>order for any marxist party to be successful is the
>balkanization of the marxist left. It doesn't matter
>what the strutre of the party is if it cannot unite
>all (or at least most) marxists under the same tent.
>What this means is that all these other organizations
>like the SWP, the Trotskyist league, ect., have got to
>dissapear. I would be interrested to hear your
>thoughts on this.

They have pretty much disappeared themselves. I don't think they are 
obstacles to a broad coalescing of revolutionary forces. The main obstacle 
is the low level of class struggle in the USA and other advanced industrial 
countries. Once there is a new rise in the class struggle, it will be much 
easier to bring Marxists together because the logic of the events will make 
that need clear. Right now we are in a preparatory period and it is 
essential to clarify our thinking around key questions such as the kind of 
party we need, how to define the divisions between us and reformist forces, 
what basis for electoral activity, etc.

Louis Proyect
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