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Thu Dec 23 21:44:41 MST 2004

Mark Lause <MLause at cinci.rr.com> wrote:
Socailism will happen when--and only when--a consensus for it emerges
within a broader working class movement. I just don't see how we can,
at this stage, begin to figure out what form that movement or its
leadership (or leaderships) might take.

In speaking on how to intervene in the working class movement with revolutionary politics to help build a larger revolutionary formation of organizers that will lead to a party, isnt the more concrete political tasks figuring how to intervene in the working class today? Looking at 1934 where three general strikes (SF, Minneapolis, and Toledo) had strong similarities with each other even though the political program of the important leaders of these strikes were obviously different. Farrel Dobbs and Harry Bridges were associated with hostile political camps, but both proved to be central leaders of the new CIO movement. Assuming that such a political movement is possible in the near future, which hopefully the MWM is a sign of, wouldn't the most important task of today is to find the potential militants in the working class that could turn a crisis into an explosive offensive? Where cut backs and layoffs that is the norm now will be stopped when rank-file groupings put their foot down
 like in the 1934 strike waves.
 This is a radically different approach than the current left has who jump on popular issues that spring up left and right and not having anything steady or concrete that is worked for on a longer term basis. And even though an ideologically monolithic group  leads to a sterile dogma and political isolation, how would a politically pluralistic group have the cohesion to have more of a long term orientation towards class struggle? How would such a group maintain and produce an organizational structure where some of their members could potentially become leaders that would seriously change the power/class relations of our times? I'm not asking this rhetorically, I would like to hear peoples responses to this. If I was a CP or an SWP organizer before 1934, I would be putting all my energy into the workplace implantations the organizations had which did lead to successful offensives of the 1930's. If there was counter political currents inside the organization that had conclusions that
 undermined this longterm work I had, how would I deal with it in a democratic manner while maintaining my steady political projection? 


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