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Jack Cade jack.cade at btinternet.com
Fri Dec 24 07:08:56 MST 2004

	The joke is: "Is Marx's grave another communist plot?"

	This (below) is just anti-communist bilge. What possible connection
could there be between the construction of the tomb and the Hungarian
events? Why not the 20th Congress of the CPSU? The Polish events? The
invasion of Suez? The phasing out of steam trains and manual telephone
exchanges and the merchant navy (all of which occurred around that time). As
for being a gift of the Soviet government I think this would be news and an
insult to those who organised it. It is only brick with a marble covering
and a bronze bust on top. Hardly a vast expense. Moscow gold or Moscow being
the revolutionary centre was a myth. The work on maintaining the cemetery is
done by 'The Friends of Highgate Cemetery', which is a charity run by

	There were even some ignorant twits who thought the whole thing
should be moved to Moscow--good job their wishes weren't granted.


There is a joke about the monument (I can't think of anything else to 
describe it) that was widely known on the left while I lived in London. 
It has it's roots in the fact that the monument was paid for IIRC by the 
Soviet government and that it was erected in 1956, the year taht the 
Soviets occupied Hungary and deposed the Imre Nagy goverment (I have 
deliberately phrased this sentence so as to avoid a discussion on the 
significance of Hungary in 1956, a subject taht I know is controversial 
here). According to the joke the purpose of the monument was not so much 
to honour Marx as to stop him spinning in his grave.

Incidentally I first heard this from a member of the CPGB (i.e. the 
original one, not the present splinter-group claiming the same name).

Einde O'Callaghan

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