[Marxism] Marx's Grave

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Dec 24 08:47:01 MST 2004

When the SU fell, there was the joke: Why are so many people lined up at
Lenin's tomb ? They want to see him spinning in his grave.

On cult of Marx, I don't think there is a problem with a cult for a dead
person among those, like us,  who don't believe in life after death.
Admiration for Marx's life work is warranted, and visiting his grave is not
cultlike conduct, rather proper veneration for a role model.  

Ancestor "worship" is the original human breakthrough. Graves are a good
mnemonic device, even if the past generations hang like a nightmare over us
:>). Better a nightmare than for real.


Jack Cade wrote:
> 	The joke is: "Is Marx's grave another communist plot?"
> 	This (below) is just anti-communist bilge. What possible connection
> could there be between the construction of the tomb and the Hungarian
> events?

This is a gross over-reaction to a joke that has been circulating in 
London for donkey's years, told by both "orthodox" communists (i.e. 
supporters of the Soviet Union) and other leftists alike. The whole 
point of the joke is the coincidence of various events in 1956.

Honestly, some lefties have absolutely no sense of humour. I suspect 
that the original Jack Cade might have been a little bit less uptight. 
Why don't you loosen up a bit?

I actually live in the city with the biggest Marx monument in the world 
- Chemnitz, formerly Karl-Marx-Stadt. This monument is held in great 
affection by most inhabitants of the city - except perhaps the members 
of the CDU who wanted to tear it down or sell it in the early 1990s - 
and it's now a semi-unofficial trademark of the city, i.e. it appears 
prominently in all brochures for the city despite the disapproval of CDU 
councillors and they even sell chocolate and marzipan models of it in 
the tourist information centre.

The monument been nicknamed the "Nischel", which in the local dialect 
means "big head". Just about everybody, including the few remaining GDR 
nostalgics, refers to the monument by this name and nobody thinks it's 
in any way disrespectful.

Einde O'Callaghan


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