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JC>         The joke is: "Is Marx's grave another communist plot?"

   No, it is there to prevent Marx from spinning in his grave -- er,  
the joke falls flat because the actual burying place is not where the  
monument is.

JC>         This (below) is just anti-communist bilge. What possible
JC> connection could there be between the construction of the tomb and
JC> the Hungarian events?

   While especially the suppression of the popular uprising by Soviet  
troops would make Marx spinning in his grave, especially doing this in  
his name, all other events named would not. That is, Marx is being  
made thinking that by people who have those feelings and project them  
onto this historical figure.

   Do you feel offended by that joke and by the connection made  
especially to the Hungarian events? I'd say, you better do soften up  

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