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zenporcupinegrind at breathe.com writes:
Am I the only one bothered by this notion of a 'pilgrimage' to 
Highgate? The evocative language used in the above is reminiscent of 
Islamic hajj, not to mention the questionable adulation for what is, in 
essence, a pretty unappealing concrete monolith reminiscent of all the 
crudities of socialist realism.


Your nonsensical and anal fixation of my metaphoric use of the word 
'pilgrimage' to describe my visit to Marx's grave speaks to what is wrong your 
understanding of the importance of retaining not just the substance but also the 
symbolism of our own history. It serves to emphasise the importance and greatness 
of just what it is we are trying to attain, if nothing else. And rather than 
dismiss the aesthetic appeal of the monument itself, perhaps it is more 
important to consider its significance - i.e., the resting place of one of history's 
great thinkers. 

Lighten up.


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