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Obviously, I am not very religious or spiritual but when I went to visit 
Marx's tomb with the late Mark Jones and his wife, there was something very 
moving about the whole experience. That day, the only other people who had 
come to visit it when we were there were a group of about a dozen Chinese.

I think that there was something ghoulish about Lenin's mausoleum, but the 
experience of visiting Marx's tomb was memorable for me. It is not only the 
tomb itself, but the walk from the subway to the graveyard had a kind of 
transcendental feel. It is a very old and beautiful section of London and 
well worth visiting.


I agree with you, Louis. The walk up the hill from the tube station in a 
section of Victorian London does set the scene for the experience and its 
resonance. I was accompanied by my partner, and though she doesn't share my politics 
(though she is getting there), she too was struck by the poignancy of the 
occasion. It was wet and cold when I went, and at the base of the monument bunches 
of fresh flowers had been placed. It struck me as I stood there ruminating for 
a few minutes how this man's life and works have influenced and inspired 
generation after generation all over the world.

One trivial point. Also buried in Highgate Cemetery, further on down the main 
path and to the right are Rod Stewart's father and mother. We came across it 
looking for Marx. I also spotted the grave of Herbert Spencer, which is more 
or less opposite.

Merry Xmas,


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