[Marxism] Marx's Grave

mds zenporcupinegrind at breathe.com
Fri Dec 24 12:39:39 MST 2004

> Your nonsensical and anal fixation of my metaphoric use of the word
> 'pilgrimage' to describe my visit to Marx's grave speaks to what is 
> wrong your
> understanding of the importance of retaining not just the substance 
> but also the
> symbolism of our own history. It serves to emphasise the importance 
> and greatness
> of just what it is we are trying to attain, if nothing else. And 
> rather than
> dismiss the aesthetic appeal of the monument itself, perhaps it is more
> important to consider its significance - i.e., the resting place of 
> one of history's
> great thinkers.
> Lighten up.
> Joe


Not wishing to enter into an argument, I do however want to question 
your assertion that 'pilgrimages' to Marx's grave bolster the substance 
of progressive politics - I just don't see it. All I wanted to point 
out is that your choice of language potentially reveals the latent 
decaying (and stagnant) religiosity of ultra-Left politics.

I needn't address your accusation of my supposed 'anal fixation'; might 
I suggest you take your own advice and lighten up?

Re: the jokes on this thread - there seems to be quite a bit of 
acrimony on the list with regards to the sprinkling of humour 
('spinning' etc) - shall we extend Joe's advice a little further? Or 
would that be blasphemous?


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