[Marxism] The Clash of Two Futures in the US

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Dec 24 14:36:52 MST 2004

>I've been looking through the archives and finally
>decided to join this list, both to learn and hopefully
>to contribute as well.  I saw this post of an article
>from Newsweek with a convoluted mishmash about
>Communists and democracy and wanted to share a few
>quotes and a challenging new statement about the clash
>of two futures in the US, called "The Battle for the
>Future Will Be Fought From Here Forward!
>does a great GOOD for humanity?  Will society move
>foreward in a revolutionary direction and set about
>removing the great suffering and misery cast down on
>the people by capitalism?"

This is not a good way to introduce yourself. Although there are no 
hard-and-fast rules here about using your name--or any name--reddynowru is 
not usually what we're looking for. If you have a job or something that 
makes you vulnerable to google searches on your real name and Marxism, then 
use something like "Bert Riley" or "Maria Bustelo" or whatever. Or just use 
your first name and your last initial.

Moving on to the substance of your post, it is not very useful to send 
things here that fall into the category of preaching to the choir. It 
should be obvious that people on this mailing list that capitalism and 
imperialism are evil.

We aspire to a more scholarly standard here. We encourage reports on books 
and journal articles or critical examinations of items that appear in the 
bourgeois press. Most of the day-to-day posters here have had decades of 
experience in the revolutionary movement and we don't appreciate messages 
that repeat the abc's.

Louis Proyect
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