[Marxism] The Clash of Two Futures in the US

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Dec 24 14:47:17 MST 2004

reddynowru at yahoo.com quotes "The Battle for the Future Will Be Fought
>From Here Forward!" as: "... Bush and his people aren't just ordinary
Republicans.  And they're not ordinary Christians either.  They are
Christian Fascists -- dangerous fanatics who aim to make the US a
religious dictatorship and to force this upon the world."

As analysis or argument, this assertion is just laughable.  It obviously
continues the utterly silly artificial hysteria the liberals tried to
stir up during the election.  Worse, does any well-read gerbil really
think you could have fascists running a country for four years and its
people we have to read an article to know they are under fascism?  

It should be noted that this article is on the website of the
Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), which probably explains much about
its assumptions...particularly in this, a season for faith and
salvation.  :-)

Mark L.

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