[Marxism] Have a happy and merry December 25

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Sat Dec 25 04:45:14 MST 2004

At 11:24 25/12/2004, Jim Farmelant wrote:

>Today, as the world pauses on the birthday of one of history's greatest
>men, whose teachings continue to benefit the entire human race,
>let us join in toasting the memory of Sir Isaac Newton, and of all
>the giants on whose shoulders he stood.

Not forgetting Isambard Kingdom Brunel the pioneer engineer of the 
"transport revolution";
Karl Marx who developed our method of understanding, and one day, 
controlling it all;
and not forgetting either that so many, if not most, of the European and 
American developments were really pioneered by the Chinese (cf. Joseph 
Needham's researches, and J.M.Hobson: "The Eastern Origins of Western 
Civilisation"), the Egyptians (cf. Black Athena, Martin Bernal), and others 
of those still regarded as "wogs" in Britain and America and whose cultures 
are forbears raided and destroyed.


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