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Insurgents infiltrating coalition, US says
Iraq screening boosted as growing threat cited

By Bryan Bender, Boston Globe Staff  |  December 25, 2004

WASHINGTON -- Iraqi insurgents and their informants have been infiltrating 
US and coalition organizations, Iraqi security units, and political parties 
in growing numbers, posing a daunting challenge to efforts to defeat the 
guerrillas and create a stable Iraqi state, according to US military 
officials, Iraq specialists, and a new study of Iraqi security forces.

Officials in Baghdad insist they are putting systems in place to review new 
recruits for the Iraqi security forces and Iraqi and foreign workers who 
mingle daily with large numbers of American and allied troops. Yesterday, 
US authorities announced that a new assessment team will conduct a 
wide-ranging probe into security lapses at US and Iraqi government facilities.
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But the apparent suicide attack that killed 21 people inside a US Army base 
in northern Iraq this week brought home what US officials have quietly been 
warning for months: insurgents in Iraq, including Iraqis and foreign 
fighters, are increasingly operating within their midst.

And in many cases, they appear to be gathering better intelligence on US 
military movements and the activities of the new Iraqi government than 
coalition forces are gathering on guerrilla plans.

''Penetration of Iraqi security and military forces may be the rule, not 
the exception," according to a draft version of a study of Iraqi security 
forces by a senior Pentagon consultant.

Military analysts concur that such infiltration is a worsening threat that 
is undermining US and Iraqi efforts to stand up viable security forces and 
to protect coalition troops from increasingly deadly attacks.

''There are more and more infiltrators out there," said Army Colonel Paul 
Hughes, who served as a political adviser to US occupation authorities in 
Iraq. ''It is the nature of an insurgent."


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