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I couldn't quite believe you made it through a review of Robert Duvall's 
"The Apostle" without talking about Duvall's politics. This is a guy who 
hangs out with David Horowitz and once suggested building an "annex on 
the Holocaust museum, or at least across the street, to honor the dead 
Cubans that Castro killed."

Maybe you just take a different approach with Hollywood types, but when 
you talk are talking about a writer with credentials like these, you 
usually go out of your way to mention it.

Stuart Lawrence

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The Wednesday Morning Club is a lunch forum that provides a platform in 
the entertainment and media industry for conservative speakers and 
ideas. In 1999, then Governor George Bush made his first public speech 
in California at the Wednesday Morning Club. Other speakers have 
included Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, House Speaker Newt Gingrich, 
Senator Joseph Lieberman and George Will. The steering committee of the 
WMC includes actor Robert Duvall and Icon executive Steve McEveety who 
produced Braveheart, The Patriot and We Were Soldiers.

Thus far in 2003, speakers have included author Christopher Hitchens, 
David Frum, former Israel Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold and 
U.S. Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona and author Tammy Bruce.

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Duvall rebukes Spielberg for Castro visit
Actor: 'I'll never work at DreamWorks again, but I don't care … '

Posted: January 9, 2004

Acknowledging his comments would cut off his professional relationship, 
actor Robert Duvall criticized filmmaker Steven Spielberg for consorting 
with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

The DreamWorks studio co-founder visited Cuba in November 2002, but 
Spielberg's spokesman insists a quote Duvall attributed to the 
Oscar-winning director is "totally false."

Duvall spoke with Charlie Rose of CBS "60 Minutes II" in an interview to 
be broadcast Wednesday.

"Spielberg went down there recently and said, 'The best seven hours I 
ever spent was actually with Fidel Castro.' Now, what I want to ask him 
... 'Would you consider building a little annex on the Holocaust museum, 
or at least across the street, to honor the dead Cubans that Castro 
killed.' That's very presumptuous of him to go there," Duvall told Rose, 
according to a CBS transcript. . . .

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How appropriate to be writing a review of a film like "The Apostle" on 
birthday of the god his followers celebrate. Although Mel Gibson's
"Passion" comes to mind immediately when you think of Hollywood stars
bankrolling movies about Christ or Christianity, Robert Duvall took a
similar risk in 1997. Unlike Gibson, Duvall is far less interested in
proselytizing for a particular religious point of view than in
understanding the religious mindset. Written and directed by Duvall and
featuring him in the role of the Pentecostal preacher Euliss "Sonny" 
"The Apostle" defies easy interpretations--including from the left.

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