[Marxism] Truth or Fiction? Mark Curtis Case, The Novel

Jimmy Smith jys99875 at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 25 21:27:17 MST 2004

a fictional crime novel based on the SWP member who raped Demetria Morris in 
'88 and then was expelled for picking up a hooker in Chicago after getting 
out of jail:

Wrestling with Gabriel (2002)

by David Lynn
(an excerpt)


Prologue: A Story

Gabriel bangs again at Juanita's front door but knows already it's no good. 
The gray weathered wood creaks. Another blow may splinter it. Frustrated, 
angry, he slams the heel of his palm against the plastic doorbell, cracking 
it like a child's toy. He glances quickly over his shoulder, but  there's no 
one on the street. Windows closed, doors bolted, lights out, the small house 
waits for a new tenant. Might be it's been months empty. Except three days 
ago he caught Juanita staggering up the walk on spike heels with a sack of 
groceries. He held the bag for her while she fumbled with keys. "Leroy 
around?" he asked. She stepped inside the door and tugged the sack from him. 
Shook her head. "Thanks," she said, already shutting the door on him with 
her shoulder. "When's he back?" "Try Thursday," she said.

Shit," he says out loud. These people – never dependable. There's no 
counting on them. He doesn't suppose Juanita lied. Probably just forgot. Or 
didn't think. Maybe she'd already got a new place and didn't remember to 
mention it. Maybe Leroy spooked again and yanked her somewhere new with no 

Gabriel turns and stands on the stoop, hands in his pockets. "Shit," he says 
again. All day he's been looking to this and now there's nothing. All day 
hauling paunches on the kill floor he'll be thinking about cool, sweet air 
in the night and now, after sweating in that stench and heat for eight right 
hours, the chill blows right through him and he shivers.

Even with Grey on the nightshift at another packing plant, the only thing he 
can keep in the house without being hassled by her and the Party is some 
beer. And he doesn't want beer. That won't cut it tonight, not after all the 
thinking and planning.

Full: http://www.zinkville.com/zinkzine/zinkzine4/lynn.htm

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