[Marxism] Re: how many deaths could have been prevented?

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sun Dec 26 15:14:03 MST 2004

acpollack2 at juno.com wrote:

> still, either way, they were
> preventable, if only society planned its resource use for such purposes.

talking with a geophysicist friend this morning, i learned that this
particular fault line is structured so that slip results in significant
uplifting along what are called "subduction zones". tsunamis are the
expected result of such quakes that lie offshore but near enough that the
tsunami wave will have appreciable energy density when it hits land.
especially for a coastline like Sumatra and vicinity. it's well known that
destructive tsunamis would follow from such a quake. 

my friend also reminds me there is a sensing network in the Pacific basin
dedicated to following these quakes/tsunamis:


the Indian basin lacks same it appears. 

this quake was "centered" several hundred miles and more off coastline
(centered in quotes because something like 1000 km of fault line slipped).
however, solid-earth waves from the quake travel faster than tsunamis in


and so there is a definite window of opportunity to sense and warn __some__
people on the coastlines, though the immediate coast of sumatra would most
likely not have had enough time to respond. this especially since one needs
to process sensor data to decide what requires a warning and what a pass.
for example, there was a strong 8.1 quake (approximately 10 times weaker,
energy-wise than todays 9.0) off the coast of New Zealand several days ago


but since the mode of slip along the fault line was different, no such
killer tsunamis were generated, to my knowledge.

tech details on quake today:


on tsunamis: 


i am sure andy is correct about construction practices along the shoreline
for the majority of people living there (i.e., not the tourist spots).

les schaffer
[from gmane]

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